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Nadar Mahajana Sangam - History

Nadar Mahajana Sangam started in 1910 by RaoBahadur Ratnasamy Nadar of Porayar and other eminent persons, has been registered under the Societies Registration Act for the uplift of the community people. There are 9 Schools, 5 Industrial Training Institutes, 2 Art Colleges, One Pharmacy College and 2 Polytechnic Colleges under the control of Nadar Mahajana Sangam.

Nadar Mahajana Sangam is an Educational and Charitable Institution registered in 1918 under the Societies Registration Act No.XXI of 1860. There are 19 Educational Institutions under the control of the Sangam dedicated to Social service and uplift of the depressed, oppressed and suppressed classes in the society. The Sangam is also the Representative body of 1 Crore Nadar Community people all over India and abroad.

Past history reveals that NADARS were one of the original and ancient people who were responsible for the spread of culture in the remote past, during which period they were the RULERS of certain regions in SouthIndia. Our community people scattered throughout India with various names and titles from the pre-vedic periods, were subsequently destined to encounter a hard "STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE" after 15th Century due to invasion and change of Rulers thereafter. During 19th Century our community people had to face untold sufferings and even temple entry denied to them, with the result they had to fight for restoration of their ancient traditional social status and rights. During the British rule, Shri.W.P.A.Soundrapandianar of our community, being one of the "FOUNDERS OF JUSTICE PARTY" in the erstwhile Madras Province, did his best for the uplift of the downtrodden people opposing the domination of Brahmins and other so called upper castes in the South. Then our great National leader Bharat Ratna Shri.K.KAMARAJ, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and then known as the "KING MAKER" of India, contributed his might and devoted his life for the welfare of our Nation.

The Southern Districts of Tamilnadu especially Kanyakumari District are thickly populated by Nadar community. In 1850 the Scholar Bishop CALDWELL commented on this Community. An American Social Scientist, ROBERT HARDGRAVE wrote the book THE NADARS OF TAMILNADU in 1969. Another western writer DENNIS TEMPLEMAN published his book "The Northem Nadars of Tamilnadu" in 1996. Further there are nearly 50 books by native authors.

The following are the items of social welfare activities undertaken by our Sangam.

1. Grant of Scholarship to all deserving students every year

2. Grant of financial assistance to victims of fire accident, destitute widows and Medical Assistance to poor people.

3. Grant of free Dhoties and Sarees to the inmates of the Leprosy Home at Y.Pudhupatti.

4. Free Distribution of Sewing Machines to poor women.

5. Free Medical Camps in rural areas

6. Running Hostels for Working Women at Madurai and Salem.

We have also proposed to Construct and open new Homes for old age people, deserted wives and destitute widows, besides opening of creches for poor children in rural areas. To implement these schemes we have to raise funds from our Philanthropists with a view to augment our Social Welfare Activities.

We have therefore approach the Central Government and got permission under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976. The Registration Number allotted to our Nadar Mahajana Sangam is 075940466 (vide letter No.II/21022/67(046)/2004-FCRA-III dated 19.04.2004 from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi)

We are also publishing a Tamil Weekly Edition "MAHAJANAM" . There are nearly 10000 subscripers to our "MAHAJANAM" at present.

The Donations to Nadar Mahajana Sangam are exempted from Income Tax. We therefore request to Contribute and Donate liberally for the Welfare of our Poor People.

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